Denture Lab Service For Dentists

We aim to work as closely as we can with our dentist clients. To build solid relationships based on a mutual understanding and an honest system of feedback for improvement. We want to make the best work we can and enjoy doing it. We’ve established some simple systems that are helping us achieve these goals.


We want to know how we’re doing and we want you to tell us. We have a simple five point scoring system and a space for other comments on each response form. We send a form with each try-in and with each finished denture. We use the feedback to adapt what we do, to be agile and responsive. To be better.


Pick up the phone. Drop us an email. Come and visit – or ask us to do the same.

We do what we know.

Our laboratory team focus solely on the delivery of removable dentures. We are not a full-service laboratory but we maintain close relationships with specialist crown and bridge laboratories in order to deliver the best results in combination cases.


Our aim is always to give you and your patients what you need, when you need it. We’re confident we can do this and make a simple guarantee that we won’t let you down.

If any work, for any stage is not delivered on time you don’t pay for the entire case. We don’t waste your time.

We understand what you need – and if we don’t, we call to clarify. We operate with a custom work-flow system built into our process, this means nothing gets past the first stage without the technician who is working on your case understanding the instructions – and the same technician sees the same case through from start to finish ensuring absolute continuity of workmanship and means you know you can speak to the person responsible for your work.

We’re secure.

Your work is collected and delivered by a licensed company with SIA (Security Industry Association) approval. Everything is tagged with unique referenced tamper proof bags. We treat the information of your patients as seriously as banks treat your money. Outside of Cornwall we use FedEx with the same tag system.

Download your lab slip and give us a try.