The Health & Wellbeing Innovation Centre

Treliske, Truro,


Who we are.

DPS is a specialist dental laboratory dedicated to the design and manufacture of removable prosthodontic appliances for dentists and patients, located within the award winning Health & Wellbeing Innovation Centre at Treliske, Truro.

We work directly with the public, dentists and dental surgeries throughout Cornwall and further afield. The laboratory has been founded on the principles of constant innovation and communication with the people we are working with to create consistent improvement for all.

Our Expertise

With extensive experience “at the bench” in a full service laboratory and an academic grounding in Dental Technology, Clinical Dental Technology and Health Sciences (the process of applying research to improving patient care outcomes), we established the laboratory with the aim of providing better results for those requiring denture care.

With professional membership and affiliation to a number of dental/prosthetist organisations, we are committed to using the services of the laboratory to further the knowledge and craft of dental technology through education with and for dental teams and patients locally.

    “Form and function are one.”


    Frank Lloyd Wright


    These are the regulatory and certification bodies that we are proud to be members of. Our aim is to set the highest standards, not only for the products we deliver but also for their method of delivery.

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